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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
4:04 pm - update
heyy. sunday was fun =) marybeth picked me up and me, marybeth, and maddison went to the mall and went shoppingggg. yeehaww and then after we went to khols. also i gave marybeth a makeover haha it was funny =-D. we took a lot of funny pix. madison moved yesterday though :'( i`m guna miss her like hell she`s a good friend. so then i came home. and at nite at 9-30 chris cameover and he left at 11 cause i hadda wake up at 6 in the morning for work on monday and so did he. so i went to work and then i went to the cortlandt town center to get lotsa magazines to read on the plane ride so then i came home. and went to chris' house. wow me and him alwaysss have the best times ever, i mean we couldn`t possibly be any closer. so today i went to work and then i went to the beach shopping center to pick up some things and later chris is coming over to say byebye to me since im goin on vaca without him =( we neva in our whole lives didn`t see eachother a week it`s goin to be hard as hell. haha so at 3 o`clock AM tomorrow morning i`m leaving to go to vancouver and the victoria islands. i`m goin on a private cruise on this really sexy boat and i get my own room ! yay and i`m guna sit on the roof haha it`s guna be fun. i`m also guna go shopping !!! and send postcards !! heehee well i`ll update when i come home !!! i`ll be home the 6th or 7th. i`m guna miss chris and my friends <3 xox

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
12:37 pm - yesterday was fun with chris
yesterday was a fun day. i woke up soo late and then in the afternoonish i went to chris` house and we went swimming in his pool. then last nite after a while we went to rye playland and it was soo much fun !! his sister and her friend went too but we lost them lol. we went on the roller coasters and sat by the lake and we ate dippin dots too. haha well i`ll update later buhbye

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
WOW. i haven`t updated in months and months !! i`ve been sucha busy busy girl !! i guess i`ve decided that since it`s summer again i should update my journal !! well wednesday was officially the LAST day of school. it was the last final .. the earth science regents .. i better have passed it !! so i came home and then me and gina went to the mall for a few hours. i got my third earring holes pierced ! i was so nervous haha. but they look cute. so then after the mall, me and gina went to shoprite to get ingrediantes for dinner because we decided we were going to make dinner that nite. so we made dinner (homemade stuffed shells yum) and then chris and rich cameover and ate it with us. haha then at around 9:00 chris drove us four and we went to gina`s casa and went swimming in her pool. it was fun. so thursday i woke up got ready and then went to christine`s house. then after we hungout for a while, we went to friendly's and ate dinner there. we saw my baby working there haha. then after dinner we walked to the carnival. we got our wristbands and went on some rides. we saw gina, chrissy, gary, and corey there, so we went on a ride with them. so yeah a lot of stuff happened last nite and i saw soo many people there that i knew. at about 9:30 or 10:00ish nicole met up with me and christine and us three hungout and went on rides. then at about 10:30 chris came and we hungout with him too. at around 11:00 us four left and nicole`s mom dropped off me and chris at my house =) today i woke up went to work ! and made some MONEY $$ yea baby ! im a counsler at the flying goose camp !! the little kids are SOO ADORABLE. then i went to new jersey and i got home about a half an hour ago !! it was fun. well i`ll update tomorrow .. tomorrowz a day with the boy !! yay we always have the best times. xox <3

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
3:13 pm
hey wow like omg.. i haven`t updated in forever !!! haaa.. well.. i guess i`ll start from last week?!
monday- went to the mall with gina and chris.. we saw chrissy and gary and it was their 2 month anniversary :)
tuesday and wednesday i had AAU bball practice.. and i did some other stuff too..
thursday chris cameover
friday- me and chris hungout of course
saturday- i had two AAU basketball tounrements in connecticut, then that night me, rich, and bella went over chris's house and hungout.

this week:
sunday- i had more basketball tournements in connecticut and then after i went to the danburry mall and went shoppingg =] I GOT MY PROM DRESS!!! its gorgeousssss <3 with the matching shiny high heals too ! can`t wait for it.. its in a month =]
monday- i went to the mall, got stuff like pjs and makeup, and then chris cameover
tuesday- i stayed home from school cuz i was sick. i went shopping and got white and grey converse shoes, lotsaaa HOT lingeriee =] , and lotsa other stuff too. chris stopped by my house :) then i had practice until 9:30.
wednesday- (yesterday)- maddison, chris, and marybeth cameover! funn, then that night i had practice for like 3 hours! i got home 9:45ish.

well yea ill update soon kk buhbyez kisses <3

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
12:41 pm - weekend !!
my weekend is great so far ! friday i got home from school and chris cameover and then at around 6-00ish he left. then at about 7:30 i went to the mall wit christine and steph and chylled wit ppl and shopped. i got clothes from hollister and stuff from clairs =] . saturday chris cameover at noon and stayed until around 4ish. then after he left, christine cameover & we got all ready for the partayyy 9:00-12:00. at 8:30, tj, janine, diana, katie, sarah and chris all came early. well the party was fun ! there was hook ups dancin chattin fites drama and you know the deal. then after the partayy tj stayed until about 12:45 and chris stayed until 1:30.. cause they are special.. lol. well ill update later =] byebyes

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
5:55 pm - t u e s d a y
hey whats good. i just got home from soccer practice. wow the jv team is so like.. gay? wow i cant even think of the word. dont worry its not a good one. and it`s not all of the people it`s just some. some are accually really cool. the coach is stupid. i dont even know her name and how many weeks has it been so far? she said everyone was complaining for us running so much- was i complaining at all? nope not at all; i accually wanted to run. why does it seem like i`m usually right? maybe i usually am right. HA! did i seem like a bitch there? well anyways sunday was easter. i went to applebees and then chris came to my house and we watched the butterfly effect. yeah uh the movie made no sense accually. monday we had no school. i went to the mall with gina at 430. i got a skirt from hollister. she got stuff from against all odds. then a bunch of us were --> supposed to see "guess who" at 7:05, but that didn`t happen, all that happened was that it was just, me and chris, seeing "guess who." dont waste your money on that movie.. i know the previews looked soo good but really the movie wasn`t. well im not in a good mood because of the third and fourth sentences that i typed in this entry. kthxbye

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
12:15 pm - HA P P Y E A S T E R !!
omg my vacation is sooo totally awesome so far ! im lovin it baby ! wednesday chris cameover, us not knowing that we weren`t gonna have school the next day. so the next day, thursday, at around 5:30, me and christine went to the mall and shopped. i bought a white mini skirt from aeropostle and i got stuff from bath and body works too. christine also bought some stuff. me and christine met up with a bunch of peoples and had a crazy fun time ! we hung out for eddy and rob at the mall for a while too. i should bring my digital camera to places more often. and then i could post more pictures on my journal. anyways, so then later chris came to the mall too and then at around 7:30, me and chris went back to his house. we hungout and we accually played video games for a little while haha it was fun. i got home about midnight. friday my grandparents came at noon for lunch. i got 20$ for easter from them =] then chris picked me up and we went to the pizza place and hung around there for a while. then after we went back to his house. at around 5:00 we got to the galleria in white plains. i bought some sassy sun glasses =] chris got a jordan hat and shirt. when i wasn`t looking chris bought me two heart lollipops and a lip gloss, for easter ! aw it was so sweet. then after the galleria we went back to chris`s house and then we went out to blockbuster. we got two movies- eurotrip and anchorman. we only watched eurotrip though. funny movie !! i got home around 11:45. yesterday, saturday, was a totallll blast baby !! chris`s mom picked me up and i went to chris`s house. we stayed there for a little while and chris got me more easter presents ! he gave me a cute easter card and an adorable easter stuffed animal bunny !! so sweet. he spoils me like woah. we were going to go to the city to see a car show but it got too late. so we went to the palisades mall and we went to daveandbusters. we played awesome arcade games. we did the gene machine haha and we also won a lot of tickets. me and chris won me with all our tickets a furry pillow that says "cutie" on it. also chris`s stepdad gave me 20 dollars for easter ! so sweet !!! after the palisades mall, we went to fairlawn in new jersey, to chris`s aunts house. there was soo many people there. we had dinner and me and chris went for a long, long walk and talked about a lot of stuff. we also watched shrek 2. i met like almost all of his family so far. saturday it was soo fun. i got home at around 11:45 on saturday. me and chris have been hanging out soo much together lately, i love it !! and now today is easter !! happy easter everyone !! i hope everyone has a fun day today. <33 kisses ilu.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
9:09 am
no school today WOOT WOOT !! yesterday i had no soccer practice cause all after school activities were canceled !! yeeehaww so chris cameover about 2:30 and he left at 6:30 =[ because of the snow. we played nintendo, i don`t know how long it`s been since i played that ! i didn`t want him to go. well so now i have a FIVE day vacation ! hell yeh ! all i`m probably mostly going to be doing is hanging out with chris haha well gotta go buhbyez xo

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
7:18 pm
from now on my journal is going to get more and more personal. if you don`t like it then don`t read it. task cleared =] . well yesterday was funday sunday. i went shopping and bought lotsa new lip glosses and make up. LOTS AND LOTS. hawt stuff =D . and today is only a four day week. woot woot for that !! today i went to school. have i mentioned lately i hate school? cause i do. and i hate the way i cant say no to some things. why am i always trying to please everyone? i guess that`s a good thing to do right? gr i have a huge load of homework to do tonight. it sucks. i`m seriously like procrastinating doing it, because there`s so much. wow i`m so random today. by the way these past days have not been my favorite. i`ve been feeling so weird lately. i think i need a change or something. a BIG change. i don`t know how but i`ll make it happen in a good way though ! so you see, i`m never THIS random i told you i`ve been so weird the past days !!! well i`ll update later. kisses <3

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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
1:33 pm
the world has been so weird lately. i`m tired of a lot of shit. i don`t know what i`m tired of, it makes no sense ! im sick of something but i just can`t think of what it is. yeah i know it makes no sense. and people haven`t been commenting my journal lately. i dont know. anyways.

yeserday i had a basketball game. we lost by ONE basket. i was mad =[ . then at about 9:30 chris cameover and he stayed until 12:30. i hate it when he leaves, i always miss him, even when i`m with him. boy i don`t know where i would be without him. well i`ll update later. kisses <33

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
2:38 pm - fridayy with chris
i had a fun day with chris yesterday ! first i went to school, and then i had soccer practice. my parents wouldn`t be home so i would hafta take the bus to the practice, so chris stayed after school with me until the bus came. then after practice i took a shower and then me and chris saw the ring 2 !! i had been waiting soo long to see that movie ! it was packed- not one seat open. it was s0o scary. i screamed a lot- in his ear too =] oops. then after the movie, 9 something, HE DROVE ME back to his house, and i stayed there until 11:30. it was fun ! he gave me his ecko sweatshirt. it smells like him and it drives me crazy =] well i`ll update later. kisssesssss <33

p.s. bad news. gina and nick broke up today. =[ i feel so bad.

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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
4:28 pm - hey babyy
hey. this week so far has been good.

monday` i went to school, came home, and then i went to jv soccer practice, and then went shopping and bought four pairs of shorts. then later that night i went to piazza roma with the soccer girlies !! yay we took lotsa picturess.

tuesday` i went to school, then went to soccer practice, and then basketball practice. very tiring because of lots and lots of running.

wednesday` i came home from school. chris cameover and we hungout at my house until about 6:30 and then around that time me and him went to the mall. we had lots and lots of FUN yesterday.

well that`s it for the update. WEEKEND STARTS IN 21 HOURS IN A HALF wahoo !! ring 2 comes out tomorrow-- can`t wait to see it !! later, kisses <33

p.s. check out my myspace and add mee, the address is


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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
9:10 pm - WEEKEND <33
man oh man i haven`t updated in like .. well .. forever .. like .. a long time !! well my weekend was very fun ! on friday i had fun fun school, then i went to JV soccer tryouts, and then AAU basketball tryouts. I MADE THE BASKETBALL TEAM !! hell yeah baby =] then at about 8:30 i went over chris`s house. his friends andrew and jeff were there too because they were sleeping over. we all hungout and it was fun ! then i left at 11:30. on saturday, me and gina went to the mall like allllll day ! what losers !! we were there from 4:30 until 9:30 ! freaks ! haha jaykay. we shopped, ate, and hung out with lots of people !! first we saw cheese and nicole, haha. then we hung out with jesse, gavin, and terrence and played with a bouncy ball for a little while. almost hit some peoples, oops. we were going to go to jesse`s house but then we couldn`t, which sucked balls. then we hungout with christine, danielle, leeanne, vicky, and george. me and christine also hungout with eddy and rob for a while.. eddy has a niice ass. HAHA i grabbed it, and rob`s too but eddy`s is a lot nicer. we also talked to nestoboy and like a million other people !! then after we left the mall i went back to ginas until about 11:30. then today i woke up and then later i went to the mall.. AGAIN !! SO FRIGGIN SICK OF THAT PLACE =] got shoes and clothes and lots and lots of lougerie !! YEAH BABY =] sexiiness. after i went to the mall, me and christine went to the cortlandt town center and saw "be cool." it was sucha long movie.. 2 hours and something minutes long !! plus, the movie made no sense. we were like, what !?! haha. then after the movie christine and i were going to go to chilis with a bunch of peoples, but then we didn`t. we had enough this weekend i guess, haha. alright well tomorrow i have soccer practice and then who knows what after !! comment. kisses <33

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
2:30 pm
new layout. =]
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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
1:37 pm - 4 months with chris !!
heyy. my weekend is doin good so far. on friday, i had school and then straight from school, chris cameover. then christine and eddy cameover. we watched SAW. ahhhh glory !! freaky shit.. i seriously like didn`t understand the movie, even with all the explaining i got from everyone, i still didn`t. haha. then later we all went to the mall and we all met up with the peopless. then chris`s step`brother drove me to the cue and chris drove himself to the cue from the mall (since he can`t drive me). we got there at the cue about 9:00. we hung out the til 10:00 and then we went back to my house. he stayed until 1:00 and we "watched" dawn of the dead. ahhh killing zombies !! overall it was a fun day and night. saturday i had a game and we won, of course. after the game tj cameover. lookin good !! ha anyways then we went to the cortlandt town center and saw "cursed." ahh i screamed and i jumped out of my seat hahaha. i didnt scream as much as when me and him saw the grudge though. then after the movie we hungout around the cortlandt town center until 10:00 and then we went back to my house. we watched "secret window" and "american wedding" american wedding is soo funny.. i`ve seen both of them before. then after the watched the movies tj left. it was a fun day again ! today mariam called at 12 and woke me up haha!! its k i luv her. anyways today is me and chris's FOUR MONTH anniversary !! can`t wait for more, it`s gunna be fun. later .. kisses <33

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
9:40 pm
i deleted that last entry even though the comments made me feel so loved =] thanks anyways, but i dont even know why i deleted it. all people wrote was telling me how much they love me, whatevs. im a ditz as gina says. today me and gina went to the mall and went shoppingg =] . then her dad picked us up at 8:30. well im totally excited about thiss weekend !! well i`ll update tomorrow or saturday. kisses and some hugs<33

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
12:58 pm - nEw rOomm..
yesterday i painted my room hot pink !! yeah baby so sexy.. next weekend im gonna paint pink clouds on my ceiling, and i`m going to go to ACmoore to get letters to spell out "piink paradiise" on my wall, can you sayy h o t t? i`m also going to get pink curtains for my windows. i`ll take a picture of my room when it`s done and post it on here eventually. =]. last night chris cameover and helped me organize all the furniture in my room to how i want it. it took us like 20 minutes to put my desk in the corner of the room since it`s like soo heavy. haha. i`ll update laterr. =] peace sexy bitches. <33

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Saturday, February 26th, 2005
11:06 am - <3
hey wuddup. i just woke up so im still sleepy =] well on thursday me and chris went to the city !! we took the subway and then when we got out of grand central we went to eat at cosi. yumm <33 then at 7:00 we went to go see the broadway show beauty and the beast ! it was soo cute!! then after we took the 10 something train home.. and i got home 11:30ish. overall it was a fun day. last night i went to the cortlandt town center wit steph. we saw some peopless there. we saw some crazy people beeping the horn saying michelle so i thought it was some rapist so we ran. then we went back, and ran away again, until i realized it was chris whoops =].so we went back. well ill update later. kissessss <33 comment please

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
7:50 pm - T U E S D A YY
hey dawgs wuddup. yesterday i went to the mall wit christine for a little, n then i went to the movies. who came was me, christine, devon, chris, jay, danielle, eddy, and rob. we saw million dollar baby.. we werent really paying attention lol. old people were tryin 2 get us kicked out i think haha. then after chris cameover n it was bout 9:45.. and he stayed til bout midnight. we watched the texas chainsaw massicure since we werent really paying attention the first time we watched it. ahh it was soo scary !! and its a true story too !! i wouldnt be able to understand it without chris tho, haha. soo today at 1:30 me and christine went to the danburry mall. we saw john and mike there ! wut a coincidence! i got a purple mini skirt from aeropostle and she got 3 shirts. so then we got back at bout 5:30 or 6 and then we went to king buffet for dinner. we saw danielle, lisa, danielle's sis, and her sis's friend there. then it was the cutest thing.. a lady walked up to me and was like excuse me my daughter is admiring your hair, and wondering how you do it? haha and then i asked her if her daughter had curly hair and she said no, so i told her a different technique than i do for myself, thats for straight hair to make it curly. and for some reason everyone thinks me and christine look alike.. and even the waiter was like are you guys twins or sisters? christine was like twins. haha so funny. anyways tomorrow i think i might be goin to jerseyy. well ill update laterr. kisses <33

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
8:04 pm

like my new layout ? =]




i love this movie!

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